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Project: CenterPoint Trade Ad Series

Objective: Raise awareness among independent, security system dealers of the advantages of outsourcing their monitoring services with CenterPoint.

Solution: CenterPoint, a dealer-owned monitoring service, can easily empathize with the hurtles independent dealers must overcome. Creating a character that “feels their pain” became a natural way to address those issues and provide a solution.

Project: World Magazine Ad

Objective: Promote subscriber acceptance and enthusiasm for World Magazine’s move from a weekly publication to a bi-weekly publication.

Solution: Emphasize that the new bi-weekly publication will have more than twice the space for editorial content, which will give editors more “latitude” to explore issues in depth.

Project: Tech Electronics Ad Series

Objective: Produce two-color, fractional-page ads for specific products/services while building reader consciousness of Tech’s comprehensive offerings.

Solution: Tongue twisters provided a memorable way to promote the individual products and services. When they were coupled with consistent layouts, colors, and fonts readers had an opportunity to make a connection and see the broader scope of Tech Electronics’ business.

Project: Tech Electronics Program Ad

Objective: Use an ad in a choral concert program to introduce attendees to Tech Electronics’ broad spectrum of offerings.

Solution: This musical event was an ideal opportunity to promote Tech’s professional sound systems, and then segue to their complete line of services.

Project: Monsanto (now Solutia) Coatings Performance Materials Web Site Ad

Objective: Promote a new web site as a useful resource to producers of paints and coatings.

Solution: The headline of this trade publication ad, “Monsanto Has Developed The Ultimate Global Crosslinker,” borrows the term crosslinker from coatings industry nomenclature as a metaphor for the access the web site provides to useful information and technology.

Project: Quantum Wheat Trade Ads

Objective: Inform growers of the break-through benefits of choosing Quantum wheat hybrids with fractional-page ads.

Solution: These new varieties truly outperform, but, as the ad says, there are so many variables (including weather and soil conditions) that a guarantee is impractical. The subheads use the industry terms like “lodging,” “hard reds” and “soft whites” to establish that Quantum knows wheat, while simultaneously undermining the ad agencies and lawyers as being uninformed.

Project: SGM Gold and Silver Teaser Ads

Objective: Build interest in a fund-raising event that also gives attendees the opportunity to earn top dollar on unwanted gold and silver.

Solution: Remind readers that they might actually have unwanted gold and silver items that had slipped their minds, then inform them that they could profit from those items while still raising funds for SGM.

Project: St. Louis Symphony Ad

Objective: Create a program ad to encourage audience members to support the symphony orchestra with donations.

Solution: Make a direct visual connection between donations (the pen nib) and the beautiful music of the orchestra (the clarinet).