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Project: The New Theatre (TNT) Posters

Objective: Produce yearly posters as fund-raisers for a non-profit, professional theater company.

Solution: TNT was dedicated to bringing professional productions of contemporary works to a variety of venues throughout St. Louis, and their posters had to reflect that same commitment to fresh and unconventional creativity.

Project: Maryville University / London Brass Rubbing Workshops Poster

Objective: Create awareness and interest in a middle school, in-classroom program in which students make rubbings from scale reproductions of medieval brasses.

Solution: Send teachers an attention-getting tube mailer containing a 24″ x 36″ classroom poster that helps to tie the program to lesson plans about medieval Europe. The poster included a time line, information on armor, heraldry, and other cultures that flourished at the same time.

Project: De Smet Jesuit High School Admissions Posters

Objective: Get 8th grade boys interested in, and excited about the possibility of attending De Smet.

Solution: Create “swag” that appeals to 13- and 14-year-old boys that would also differentiate De Smet from other schools (none of whom were producing posters).

Project: Scholin Brothers Printing Co. Symposium Invitation Poster

Objective: Build attendance for a creative conference to be held at the St. Louis Zoo.

Solution: Naming the symposium Wild Ideas allowed us to relate the subject matter (creativity) to the venue (the zoo). To garner greater attention the invitation was designed as a poster, and delivered in a colorful mailing tube.