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Project: Sentimental Journey CD Jewel Case Cover

Objective: Reflect the character of the “oldies” recorded by the St. Louis Banjo Club.

Solution: Create a visual that takes a banjo player on a trip; and make it a sentimental one by using vintage luggage, a fedora and a vase with a single rose.

Project: An Evening In Paradise Auction Invitation

Objective: Help build interest and attendance to this fund-raising event for De Smet Jesuit High School.

Solution: Express the tropical nature of the auction theme with imagery that conveys a lush elegance.

Project: Burnes Citadel Vehicle Graphics

Objective: Extend the company’s brand identity to their fleet of vehicles.

Solution: Apply existing graphic standards so that the company logo has a commanding presence while still maintaining the subtle quality inherent in their branding.

Project: In His Own Hand

Objective: Organize and edit raw source materials from the Missouri Historical Society into a 150-page coffee table book.

Solution: In the 1800s John J. Buse hand captioned a mountain of Rudolph Goebel photographs. To maintain the value of the primary source materials the book was designed as a photo album and printed in two colors to simulate sepia tone images.

Project: Monsanto Customer Operations Reference Manual

Objective: Redesign the product specs binder to more accurately reflect Monsanto’s emerging brand identity.

Solution: Monsanto was redefining itself as a biotechnology leader. “Green” and “sustainability” were key buzzwords. The Beyond Next Season theme reflected these values. The door opening out from an idealized landscape into a bright future emphasized that today’s success did not have to come at tomorrow’s expense.

Project: G2N Trade Show Exhibit

Objective: Provide an attention-getting backdrop that is flexible enough in design for use at both conferences and trade shows.

Solution: Employ a “banner stand” approach so that the individual panels can be reordered, mixed and matched, or deployed in a smaller group depending on the space available.

Project: Three Sets of Stationery

Objective: Extend the branding of each of the three companies to their business papers.

Solution: Each of these designs is crafted with paper stock, graphics and two-color printing appropriate for building the brands of the individual companies.

Project: Eureka High School Baseball Banquet Program Cover

Objective: Find a way to combine baseball and banquet in a single image.

Solution: What could be a better plate for this meal than home plate?