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Project: Baron Spices & Seasonings: Spice Handbook

Objective: Provide customers with a useful reference tool that also reflects the quality of the Baron Spices brand.

Solution: Complement easy-to-read charts and tables with clean imagery and informative text.

Project: De Smet Jesuit High School Overview Brochure

Objective: Meet the need of parents for hard information, while exposing their sons to the broad range of exciting possibilities awaiting them at the school.

Solution: Employ numerous photographs in a upbeat, busy layout to communicate the energy and diversity of the De Smet experience.

Project: Doane Brochure / Pocket Folder

Objective: Establish a new look for this marketing research company that will appeal to the broadening array of industry groups they serve while still embracing their core agri-business clients.

Solution: Replace agricultural images with nonspecific natural subjects and a digital motif that reflects the high-tech tools they employ.

Project: St. Lucas United Church of Christ 125th Anniversary Brochure

Objective: Make the most of a limited budget to produce a 36-page history of the church that includes a narrative, black and white photos, and member quotes.

Solution: Create a black and white layout suggestive of a timeline, bound in a foil-stamped cover with a translucent flysheet.

Project: Purina Mills M.E. Brochure

Objective: Familiarize dairy farmers with the Metabolized Energy System and the benefits it can provide for their herd.

Solution: Build on Purina Mill’s formidable reputation with straight-talking text that clearly spells out the system advantages, complimented by images illustrating their grasp of the complexities of an effective feed program.

Project: De Smet Jesuit High School Expansion 2000 Capital Campaign Solicitation Brochure

Objective: Help make the case for a much needed addition to the school.

Solution: With a limited budget, and no available photography, the graphic approach hinged on an arrow theme used to symbolize both expansion, and a forward direction for the school.

Project: Fortune Bank SBA Loan Brochure

Objective: Reflect the bank’s “can-do” philosophy of making SBA loans accessible to a broad spectrum of small business owners.

Solution: Start with photos of “a broad spectrum of small business owners,” and provide a positive, straightforward explanation of the program devoid of the legalese typical of banks.